6-14-2020 Turning to God in Troubled Times

6-7-2020 Three Ways to Make Hay

5-31-2020 Great Hope During Chaos

5-10-20 "High Tech Farming and Trust

5-4-2020_Those Cold April Games

4-27-2020 - Tractors

4-6-2020_"Trusting God Even When There's No Baseball"

3-16-20_No Fear

3-9-20_The Thrill of Victory

3-1-20_Changes of Seasons and Birthday Fun

2-23-20_Train Whistles & Grandparents

2-9-20_Peace in a Crazy World

2-3-20_Violin Lessons

1-26-20_Winter Fun

1-19-2020_"Prayer in the Hospital"

1-13-2020_"Giving Attention to the Herd"

1-6-2020_"Dogs on the Farm"