9-18-22 "Cows Can Be Cheap Entertainment"

9-12-22 "All Things Work Together"

9-5-22 "A Bull Fight Gone Wrong"

8-29-22 "Blessings in Abundance"

8-22-22 "Camping in the Rain"

8-15-22 "The Joy of the State Fair"

8-8-22 "Still the Number One Best Seller"

8-1-22 "A Visit From an Old Friend"

7-25-22 "The Blessing of Rain"

7-18-22 "Eyes on Jesus"

7-11-22 "Refreshing Rain Strengthens Our Faith"

6-30-22 "A Little Trip to South Dakota"

6-20-22 - "Trusting God When Things Don't Make Sense"

6-12-22 "Memories of a New Old Tractor"

6-6-22 "The Little Lost Lamb"